On ebooks.

PaidContent notes a study that kids can recall less details from “enhanced ebooks” with frivolous special features. I find such books distracting so I’m not surprised, although I am an avid convert to ebooks and refuse to purchase print books unless it’s necessary.

This graph was interesting.


As an owner of both an iPad and a Nook, I can testify that the iPad is unbelievably distracting. It has so much capability that I multitask constantly at the cost of sustained focus. I hate reading on it – besides it is heavy and has glare. The iPad is also the premier platform for enhanced ebooks. The Nook is helpful, but I find myself still putting it down to play with the iPad.

This study is empirical justification of my belief that we need and that there is demand for a dedicated ereader market. The problem is they are for serious readers and aren’t sexy. And while people will buy an iPad to substitute things they did on a PC for a more pleasurable experience, I believe (but have no evidence that) they will be more reticent to buy an ereader to substitute things they do on their iPad for a more pleasurable experience.


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