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Slightly belated. The College Fix, a right-leaning online college news blog, asked for some reaction about Obama’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon taped here at UNC. the rhetoric was tempered in the editing process and it reads more measured but less stark now. Also not happy with “automated flying death machines” being changed to “automated drones” but hey we all have editors and I defer to judgement.

A taste:

There are many more important issues the president could have addressed. After all, this is a president who continues to abuse civil liberties and who has authorized the killing of American citizens using automated drones. Yet he cares about our student loans—how comforting.

On Tuesday UNC students were granted a unique opportunity to see the President in a setting that was uncharacteristically informal, especially in an election year. Plus we got to experience the taping of an entertaining television show. With all that excitement, it was damn hard to care about anything but the moment. That’s awfully satisfying for people who, considering the current youth unemployment rate, are soon going to have far more serious things to care about.

I also go into some of the election dynamics that make NC a tight and much-desired race for both sides. The overarching point though is that we all had a great time – but that doesn’t change the basic facts about this administration and some of the failures, and atrocities, that have occurred.


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