War games.

Really interesting (read: disturbing) Guardian report on the cozy relationship between the video game industry and world militaries. It’s certainly bad enough that liberal democracies and autocracies alike utilize virtual reality as propaganda for their militarism. But this is also a fine point:

It’s a toxic relationship in Turse’s opinion, since gaming leads to a reliance on remote-controlled warfare, and this in turn makes combat more palatable.

Interesting, it was Murray Rothbard who made this point most eloquently. Being against the state, one of his arguments is that inter-state war necessarily employs weapons that cannot pinpoint violence and rather exact general and sweeping damage that maximizes civilian death. No entity can exact violence and destruction like the state. This was a strong and healthy moral impulse in Rothbard. And he didn’t live to see drone warfare.

The liberal democratic zeal for idealistic warfare + popular disdain of citizen exposure to death + new tools of remotely conducting warfare have been pretty lethal. It’s easier to kill people on a screen. That’s incredibly disturbing.


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