Why you don’t want ASG.

Taking to the streets today. Hoping people will vote no on ASG participation.

Common objections I hear:

  1. You’re a senior, you don’t have a dog in this fight.
    Yes, which means, with respect to the cost of the decision, I am least biased in my thinking. I literally will have nothing to do with ASG ever again and will pay $0.00 to it in the future.
  2. We have to pay our dollar anyway!
    First, it might be possible that only through being a first mover on this can we ever stand a chance of freeing our dollar. Even if that’s not the case, the dollar is sunk no matter what. All things being equal, would we want to spend a dollar and have to deal with inept people in far-flung parts of the state, or spend a dollar and do whatever the hell we want with our time? This is a basic opportunity cost assessment.
  3.  We have to try to make ASG work.
    No, we don’t.
  4. ASG, if made to work, would allow all students in the system to speak with one, powerful voice.
    This is the preachy romantic retort. It has a huge caveat that has no reasonable prospect of success. But let’s get real: ASG drags down big schools like UNC-CH and pulls up little schools like UNC-P. It’s a great equalizer that allows students administrators REALLY don’t care to hear from to get voice because they’re signed on with students administrators are marginally interested in talking to. To that end, even if we solved the collective action problem, it would mean that we (UNC-CH) basically subsidize clout to lessers. Why would we want that when we could shove the nuisance aside and speak up for ourselves and our specific institutional interests?


If you want to support other people’s education, cut the state a check or go buy lotto tickets. 

Yes this is very cold. But only fault me if the logic isn’t there.


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