Salient post from Salmon today following the New Yorker subscription announcement. Relevant quote:

The more that both publishers and advertisers concentrate on the creative side of things, and the less they worry about the distractions of granular economics, the more successful both are likely to be. Digital display and brand advertising is still very young. Let’s nurture it without giving too much authority to the bean counters. If they stifle it now, they’ll end up suffocating the very digital publishers that they’re going to need, in future, as print slowly dies and consumption moves to tablets.

Salmon is right that advertisers in media seem to have a stigma against treating the tablet content as “pari passu” with analog content. I was also interested to learn that their belief that free content cannot earn subscriptions strongly contradicts empirical evidence. Well worth a read.

By the way, this was published in an iPad.


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