Is The Daily the only newspaper that doesn’t list corrections?

Try as I might — I cannot find corrections for articles listed anywhere in The Daily. This is a huge problem from the perspective of journalistic standards. I don’t know if either it has been forgotten about, or the paper just thinks it can get away with it, but it needs to change. If this is the future of journalism, it needs to be the right kind of trailblazer and bring all of the print elements with it into the electronic realm.

Look at the article, “Classless  in Detroit” for instance. The former governor of Michigan is referred to as “Janet Granholm.” Her name is actually Jennifer. It’s a serious error — one you would get docked huge points for in any news writing course.

It’s bad enough that there is no section reserved for corrections, but it’s even worse when you take into account the fact that there is currently no official archive of The Daily’s articles. Every day a fresh issue comes out and the old articles are swept away from the iPad. Online, The Daily’s website has no real archive or search feature to speak of.

I imagine that the allure of all of this well-designed digital daily content has distracted people from critically evaluating how well The Daily has translated the newspaper model to the tablet. In this one respect, people need to be a little bit more vocal.


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