“Dirty Sexy Politics” on conservatives.

Several pages into Meghan McCain’s memoir “Dirty Sexy Politics,” it’s clear that among other things, this is a strong indictment of the Republican Party. Relevant excerpts:

Playing on “The Matrix,”

When I meet someone new, I sometimes say “He’s taking the blue pill.” This means he’s living in a dream world.

Here’s my dream: The political party that identifies with the color red should start taking pills of the same color.

On Reagan,

These days, the name Ronald Reagan — as well as his legacy — has become oversaturated, just white noise. Conservatives love to evoke him, using him as an example of whatever brand of politics they happen to be selling.

And on the Conservative movement,

The conservative movement seems hell-bent on constricting our freedoms rather than expanding them. The base has moved to the Far Right and, sadly, it seems to be dying there.

Pretty powerful stuff.

McCain seems particularly fond of Barry Goldwater, and it shows. Clearly she wants to move Conservatives to a more socially liberal/libertarian footing. Best of luck with that.


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