Cal Thomas has lost it completely.

This column is by far one of the most offensive, poorly argued pieces of shit I have ever come across. Thomas makes a false accusation (that Judge Walker is openly gay) and suggests that’s a bad quality for a judge (no idea why), among other wonderfully bigoted and false statements.

This one graf really gets to me:

As this case proceeds through appeals courts, to think another federal judge, one Justice Anthony Kennedy, could be the deciding vote on a divided Supreme Court, recalls the power Julius Caesar had over gladiators in the Roman Coliseum. Their fate was ultimately determined when the emperor turned his thumb up or down. At least Caesar, on occasion, was responsive to public opinion. Today, too many federal judges act more like dictators when it comes to the law.

Here’s a piece of “Conservative” hypocrisy at work. At least Caesar was responsive to public opinion? In what universe would a presumably originalist, strict constructionist Conservative EVER want a judge to make a decision in whole or in part based on public opinion!?

And this doozy:

What we tolerate, we get more of, and we have been tolerating a lot since the Age of Aquarius generation began the systematic destruction of what past generations believed they had sacrificed, fought and died to protect.

If a single American ever died to “protect” (read: enforce) traditional marriage, then they died in absolute vain.



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