Fire David Axelrod.

Imagine for a moment what would happen if Coke ran an ad campaign saying PepsiPEP – news – people ) gives you diarrhea, Pepsi did nothing to dispute those attacks and after a year 55% of consumers told a surveyor they believed they would get the runs if they drank Pepsi? Think Pepsi would keep their chief marketing officer in place? Or that Pepsi’s shareholders would sit passively on their hands while their stock value went, so to speak, down the drain? Of course not. Most likely multiple heads would roll, possibly including the CEO’s.

Dan Gerstein makes a great point in Forbes, today. Never really thought about it, but Axelrod is the one who has really let this administration down in terms of selling itself. I think the real problem is that the administration is fundamentally opposed to accepting the fact that by a 2-1 margin, American’s describe themselves as Conservative. It is beneath the administration’s dignity to spin their policies to this audience. But that kind of political ignorance (or arrogance?) comes at a price.


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