Sullivan on DOMA rulings.

I linked to Jack Balkin yesterday. Andrew Sullivan has a good roundup of opinions as well. He also notes, in spite of most people’s reluctance to, that the Obama administration is the one defending DOMA these days. I am especially fond of his conclusion:

The federal government is both refusing to recognize what it always recognized, and creating a two-tier system where gay couples are officially designated as worth less under the law than straight ones. And this is the position of the Obama administration. And they say they are pro-gay. They aren’t. They like us kept very firmly in our place. And they will now argue in the courts that second class citizenship for two percent of the population is a principle they embrace and will continue to advance – even when the states have decided otherwise.

That’s their prerogative. But they’re full of it. Their position on marriage is about as coherent as their position on Afghanistan.


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