Prophetic words on John Murtha

From the column in the Wall Street Journal today titled “Earmark Nation,” by Daniel Henninger.

John Murtha of Johnstown is the canary in the mine shaft. In politics, the canaries don’t die. They adapt and learn to live with the toxic fumes of public spending on scales beyond morality or understanding. We are just about there.

These words come very close to enshrining just how little I think of John Murtha.

Another great line concerning the bleak future:

Barack Obama isn’t a reformer. He’s the president of Earmark Nation. We are about to enact the Obama federal health-insurance entitlement, which on top of all the other entitlements and their limitless liabilities will require pulling trillions of dollars more into the federal budget. Whatever nominal public good this is supposed to achieve, it means that they, these 535 pols, most of them gerrymandered for life, will decide in perpetuity the details of how to dole it out.

Get ready for the rough ride to the bottom.


2 thoughts on “Prophetic words on John Murtha

  1. Reading the above prompts me to write what I have been thinking lately:

    Two things I would like to know: 1) Just how much authority does the Constitution give the President to make decisions like the ones Obama is making and when does he exceed constitutional limits? and 2) Is Obama purposely trying to sink our “Ship of State” by spending it into a hole from which it will be impossible to escape?

    It is my Gut Feeling that there are higher powers pulling Obama’s strings. Who is?

    Not being educated as a child in our beloved nation, does Obama really have a heart for our Republic and the Constitutional form of Government?

    • Fred S.,

      I would feel guilty merely singling out Mr. Obama, and remiss to not point the same finger at most Americans today. There is a very strong pull toward the centralization of power that strikes at the heart of our republican heritage. However, Mr. Obama is the head of state and it is thus his failure when we continue to abandon these principles. There is not much reason for optimism that the trend away from strict-constructionist governance will ever reverse itself.

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