Louisiana: The GOP Melting Pot

From the Wall Street Journal:

Anh “Joseph” Cao (pronounced “Gow”) is becoming the first Vietnamese member of Congress after winning in a surprising upset in his New Orleans district over the corrupt, yet multi-term incumbent.

It really is a wonderful story that someone who is completely ethnically removed from the constituents of the district can win – that race has taken a backseat to competence. 

Still, the election of Mr. Cao, and that of Gov. Bobby Jindal last year, marks a political sea change in this Deep South state. Just 17 years ago a majority of white voters in Louisiana supported ex-Klansman David Duke for governor. Now Mr. Cao (pronounced “Gow”) becomes the first Vietnamese-born citizen elected to Congress, just as Mr. Jindal was the first American of Indian heritage to be elected governor. Their victories carry the same message that Barack Obama’s did in the presidential race: We are finally at the point where competence can trump skin color in politics.

Even more amazing is that now Louisiana has two racial firsts in politics: the first Indian-American governor, and the first Vietnamese-American congressman – and THEY ARE BOTH REPUBLICANS.

I think it sets a wonderful tone for the new Republican Party. Louisiana needs to be the place that the Party leaders look in the coming years. They have two racially diverse members, both young and vibrant, committed to faith yet seemingly not as religiously zealous as the old, white, evangelical east coasters that have become the face of the party of late.

I am really excited to see how Mr. Cao performs in Congress.


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