GA Muslim Jailed

A judge in Douglasville, GA (just outside of Atlanta) help a Muslim woman in contempt for not removing her head scarf at a security checkpoint. There is apparently a statute that bars headgear from being worn in courtrooms. 

I gotta say that doesn’t make much sense to ask a woman to remove a head scarf for security reasons. I might be wrong, granted, but I feel as if a head scarf is not a convenient place to inconspicuously conceal a weapon. I don’t want to rush to accuse a judge of simply being bigoted in trying to force her to remove the scarf, but I have a hard time seeing his rationale, especially since he refused to comment on the even to MSNBC

However, Lisa Valentino, the woman jailed, had something interesting to say…

“I just felt stripped of my civil, my human rights,”

Is this woman kidding? Really? When I was reading this article up to this point I had a little bit of sympathy for this woman, but after this pithy comment I can’t say I feel sorry for her at all. 

Stripped of civil and human rights? Really? We can debate whether or not the headgear statute should apply to head scarfs, but this woman clearly made a decision that wearing the scarf was more important than taking it off and worth the trade-off of going to jail to keep it on. 

I can’t support hyperbole such as this, which is clearly the effect of her backing by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. I think statements like that work against Ms. Valentino more than for her.


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