Really, Tom?

So I was doing something at dinner which I rarely ever do: gander the New York Times website. Then I did something that I REALLY almost never do: read an article by Thomas Friedman. Of course, I was quickly reminded why I have given up on such ventures. Please read this quote which comprises the beginning of the op-ed.


So, I was speaking to an Iranian friend about what a mind-bending thing it must be for people in the Middle East to see Americans, seven years after 9/11, electing someone named Barack Hussein Obama as president. America is surely the only nation that could — in the same decade — go to war against a president named Hussein (Saddam of Iraq), threaten to use force against a country whose most revered religious martyr is named Hussein (Iran) and then elect its own president who’s middle-named Hussein.

Is this a great country or what?

Could someone give me a fucking break? I mean, really? We spend an entire election talking about how irrelevant Obama’s name is and how important the issues are and now we have Thomas Friedman petting America on the head and telling it that it that it is “great” because of the irony of it all. 

This really pissed me off. The name Barack Hussein Obama should be completely irrelevant. If the Left just spent an election rightfully disparaging the Right’s attempt to make his name significant in a negative way, then what makes it, in principle, any better to give false significance to his name in a positive way? 

Of all of the things on my plate, I can assure you that pronouncing Obama’s middle name and chuckling about it is last (or at least near the bottom). I would like to think that Thomas Friedman, who is infinitely more important than I am, could do so well as to write about something meaningful. Its not like its much to ask, and there is no shortage of shit to write about…


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