A New Republican Party?

I just finished reading a fabulous op-ed by David Brooks for the New York Times. It was incredibly well-penned and optimistically described Palin’s speech as the defining moment in the evolution of the Republican Party. According to him, perhaps, we got a glimpse of the new on Wednesday night…

And what was most impressive was her speech’s freshness. Her words flowed directly from her life experience, her poise and mannerisms from her town and its conversations. She left behind most of the standard tropes of Republican rhetoric (compare her text to the others) and skated over abortion and the social issues. There wasn’t even any tired, old Reagan nostalgia.

Instead, her language resonated more of supermarket aisle than the megachurch pulpit. More than the men on the tickets, she embodies the spirit of the moment: impatient, fed up, tough-minded, but ironical. Even in attack, she projected the cheerfulness of someone confident about the future.

In those 40 minutes, the forces of reform Republicanism took control, at least for a time. Republicans started talking about Palin, Bobby Jindal and a brighter future for their party.

Shivers. It gave me shivers to think that this might be the youthful and passionate future of the party post-Reagan conservatism. I can only hope I will live to see it.


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