Tumbrel Remarks

Christopher Hitchens, who I absolutely love and adore, had a great piece on Slate lamenting the complete idiocy of our political elite competing for the most poverty-stricken background.

He actually defends John McCain, who couldn’t recall how many homes he owned, by saying that not only was McCain possibly laughing the question off, but that the question itself was stupid.

The rich often make “tumbrel remarks,” which seems as if they are flaunting their wealth but really are not meant as such.

Take it from Hitchens:

Every four years, we suddenly discover that the only people worth noticing or mentioning in the United States are those who are ill, or unemployed, or uninsured, or underpaid, or homeless, or some combination of the above. Bill and Hillary Clinton went on about these unprotected and wretched millions on two successive nights last week, apparently never reflecting that some of them at least must have been alive and suffering under the two Clinton administrations. How can a thinking person sit still and listen to such piffle, let alone get up and wave their arms about when they hear it again and again?


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