Wonkette on the GOP Convention

HOLY JESUS I LOVE WONKETTE. Nowhere else on the internet will you find such biting and witty humor than on Wonkette.com. I especially liked this post entitled…

GOP Convention To Be Blood-Soaked Reenactment Of Second Punic War

in which Wonkette rips images of the GOP pamphlet for their upcoming convention in Minneappolis. The fact that someone else in this world knows what the Second Punic War was and was willing to put it on their blog brought a smile to my face.

One rag really got me…

Well if this pamphlet is any indication, John McCain will enter the arena with his seven children and two wives on a War Elephant — decorated in gold, rubies and fine silks — carrying the Sword of Gryffindor in one hand and the dripping, severed head of Chuck Hagel in the other; he won’t even have to speak because everyone will just be cold goin’ nuts at the sight of this.

Check out below these images…the comparison is scary 🙂

GOP Convention Pamphlet

GOP Convention Pamphlet

The Battle of Zama - Second Punic War

The Battle of Zama - Second Punic War


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