Sarkozy, Part Deux?

The Times writer Rosemary Righter has a smashing article out concerning Nicolas Sarkozy’s stunning recent reform victories.

Thumbs up to you, sir!

Thumbs up to you, sir!

Recent victories in allowing universities greater autonomy and ability to raise private capital, greater flexibility in job contracts, curbing entitlement programs by raising the retirment age, setting term limits for the presidency, privatizing the ports, scrapping the 35 hour work week, and cutting military spending (gasp for breath!) characterize the whirlwind of reforms that this man who has all but been written off as a joke has been able to affect.

Ms. Righter says it best…with a great metaphor to describe how pathetic the Socialists are right now 😉

Another factor is that the Socialist opposition is not merely rudderless; the crew is ripping up the ship’s planks for bludgeons. But possibly it is dawning on France’s traditional spoilers, accustomed to being cheered whenever they raise Cain, that they have lost the plot. Voters are still browned off with Sarkozy. But they support the reforms. According to opinion polls, they even want them speeded up. Sarkozy has made blunders galore and it is in his character to commit more. But if he proves right about the will to change, these will be footnotes to a great, if eccentric, reforming presidency.

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