Bob Barr

So Bobb Bar made an appearance on Fox News Sunday to take his fair share of pro-McCain rhetoric. The Hill reported on it, and there was one great quote that I wanted to expound upon. I think Bob Barr said something that goes beyond the literal reading:

Barr especially took issue with the GOP’s position on government surveillance of Americans.

“This is a fundamental issue that goes to the very nature and power of our government, but nobody’s really talking about it,” he said.

Well said Bob, I agree that privacy is something that Americans are not concerned enough about, but that goes right to the heart of the Libertarian cause, doesn’t it? Our movement is characterized by a whole slew of issues that American’s don’t care enough about or care to understand.

Libertarians offer excellent solutions that speak to probably a majority of Americans, which studies suggest tend to be socially liberal and economically conservative. The Libertarian cause, however, exists on the fringes of our entrenched two-party system.

Many of the solutions Libertarians offer tend to be complex and bold rather than simplistic and panderous. Yet for a party that is already perceived as on the fringes, its involved way of presenting solutions go largely ignored by Americans who don’t have time for caring and are more attracted to populist politics.

Until either Americans wake up and begin to care more about the wide host of issues that Libertarians attach great weight to (such as privacy as Barr stated above), or Libertarians master the art of mass politicking, then unfortunately it will remain difficult to find receptive ears for our harsh voices.


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